Monday, November 15, 2010


Evening wonderful readers! I've been debating on what to blog about this last week, when there are so many interesting topics to go through! I finally decided on just another one of my not so famous rambles (and they aren't infamous either, so we'll just leave it at that) and see where it all leads up to!

Topmost of my brain tonight is a huge amazement at last week. It was rather fascinating to watch from afar all the outlets about InWorldz. First, we had our interview on Prim Perfect with Saffia and Elrik released (which I will of course embed below, in CASE you missed the forum postings, the tweets, FB release, etc). Then, Whiskey Day had this brilliant idea of a Blog Challenge, about the Best of InWorldz. This has produced quite a few blogs out there, which in turn spurred MORE blogs about them. I will link them all in just moment here for anyone to see. We also had requested a machinima from Celestial Elf focusing on our community, and the best way to embody that in a machinima is to focus on some of our actual communities growing InWorldz already. What a beautiful bit of work he did. So here's all the links I was tracking this last week:

Jazz Cognito's Best of InWorldz
Whiskey's Best of InWorldz
Mera Kranfel's Best of InWorldz
Rosa Dagostino's Best of InWorldz
Southie Allen's Best of InWorldz
Lalo Telling's Best of InWorldz

Which, interestingly enough, spawned off to Ener, not just posting one, but two blog posts (in a row even, watch out Ener, we'll convert you eventually *wink* ):

InWorldz Seems to be the Social Leader
InWorldz Will Never be What SL Is

What is truly amazing in these, is number 1, I GOTTA get those bouncie balls from Abraminations! And number 2, is how tight knit the community is at times. It's kind of daunting to be honest. To see how that community is felt right down to these blog posts, to people who have never logged in to our world... that is something we have worked very hard at. The last thing that hit me with these blogs, is I think Ener got something nailed very much downpat with us as the Founders:

"with InWorldz, it seems that they love virtual worlds first, then let the money come in after that. that is a huge diff (and i hope they make enough so that they don’t burn out)"

 I would say, that our hard work, our love, our dedication to not only the grid itself, but to our residents come through in just about everything. I won't say everything, as we're not perfect, and we can't please everyone all the time, but we work really hard at keeping the vast majority happy.

This in turn, has shown that our residents give back to us. Through their blogs, the humor they present on the forums with the bugs, to the polls we've asked them to partake in, to our sales and growth. To producing machinima's, and in general even battling the trolls where so needed. Our many many thanks are not sufficient to express ourselves to our residents.

Really, give yourselves a pat on the back, as each of you are the reason we've seen this growth. Obviously it's a symbiotic relationship, between us and you, much akin to creators and socialites in the world, we never want to lose this relationship with you. Ever. I don't ever want to be afraid to log in to the grid. Sure, I don't want support IM's and so on, but any one of our residents is welcome to IM us at any time, with.. whatever. Whatever is on your mind. If we can fix it, we will, if we have an answer, we'll give it, if we know the progress on it, we'll let you know. Or if you just want to say hi. That works too  :)

I think I've been more than mushy tonight, but I wanted to let you all know how much you rock. You really really do. On a completely unrelated note, we have some really exciting things we'll be letting you guys in on next week, so pay attention to the forums and so on.. as we'll be releasing some info there in regards to the viewer, the beta testing that will be going on and something that's happening in the background that we're not telling! So until then, don't break the grid and we'll see you InWorldz!


  1. awww. sniff sniff.
    /me hugs everyone.

  2. Awwww!!! Thanks Eleface!

    Inworldz is such an awesome place!

  3. Don't break the grid? But... But... how are we gonna stress test it if we don't? Can't I just bend it a little bit? Please? (chuckle)

    Yeah, it's community is the big thing for me and IW. (sigh) yeah verily, I too have started to blog as well got something started on Wordpress. Still feeling my way around but I'll see what's what. Take care.

  4. Good words Elenia! Will definitely keep our eyes to the forums to see what you all have up your sleeve! :D

  5. Big Hugs from both of us Ele!

  6. I also took up Whiskey's challenge, in case you didn't see it...

    This is a wonderful place and all I can say is THANK YOU - especially for the FREEDOM you have given us by creating it.


  7. There's a magic in the people and the place that is InWorldz. Thank you Ele, for helping make that magic a reality. We loves you!! ::big hug::

  8. @Deson Ok so I said don't break the grid, so everyone broke the forums instead... got it! Next time I'll be far more specific.

    @Marie Yea I probably overlooked it when I did my blog on Monday as I was kinda in a rush with packing and so on. I'm SUCH a procrastinator!