Monday, November 22, 2010

Beta Test Crash Helmets Available Here!

Yup, that's right, tomorrow starts our big beta test! At noon and 6pm InWorldz time, we have put a call out for anyone and everyone that can make themselves available for testing. We of course, will be handing out crash helmets for all our test dumm.. er victims. Yeah, victims, that's what I meant  ;)

This is a really huge test as it pertains to the network and Tranq has worked his fingers to the bone on this... which leaves him a tad funkeh looking with boney fingers and all! But he had excellent results testing on his standalone and I was in the beta grid last night and it was very cool. We'll release the beta viewer as well for this, as the two go hand in hand with things that were put in place. The beta viewer WILL work on the main grid as well, so by all means feel free to replace your InWorldz viewer with this one.

The beta viewer has some of the stuff our residents have requested as well, such as the built-in AO, radar and other fun stuff. No bouncing boobies... and no RLV either, sorry folks! The neat thing is who is working on our viewer, so you guys may or may not be surprised by that, but the good part is we'll be able to work on some new features there. Obviously we'll be keeping those quiet until they are implemented and the viewer released, but we have some really cool stuff in the plans!

On a completely different track, I went over our numbers this last month, except currency, which I'll run after the 1st of December. Things are very much where I expected them to be, considering our huge expenses we had this month. Hey, going to San Diego is NOT cheap! But was it fun!  :)  First time land purchases fell, as I predicted, to half, but was slightly recouped with the new region resells. Region resells are spotty at best right now while I bring the system into full swing over the next 30 days. Renewals increased, which was a great thing to see, and I noticed an interesting trend from Oct. to Nov. numbers: Alot of our residents did 3 month renewals to get them through the holidays. That was great to see! We also had some other major expenses come out which will be announced with the next viewer (not the new one coming, but next one, I think... I may be wrong here). And we had our licenses covered for various things, and we also started our Trademark process. So all in all, while we did exactly what I expected for numbers, we spent alot of money too :)

So on that note, I leave you with this beautiful picture we took, Wednesday night, at Cardiff by the Sea, the Beach House restaurant. We got there right at 4:30pm for dinner, and I could not resist taking this picture. I felt right at home with this view ;)

Yes, our table was RIGHT there!


  1. So exciting this test will be!! Sorry its in the middle of the night so I wont be able to attend but i sure hope u get enought people there.

    Wonderful news about the inWorldz client too. And I have faith in Tranq, he is our own little genious =)

    Awesome view!! =O


  2. downloading the new viewer now...I did that little "o" thing with my mouth when I saw it was being updated.

    The level of work you guys put into the grid, etc always amazes me.

  3. Yep, it is astounding. I'm very keen to hear what happens as I'll be tucked up under my duvet at that time...

  4. Test worked! 27 people and sim didn't crash. Found a lotta bugs, one major one regarding a severe memory leak (see LL... it CAN be done). Zauber had a ton of insane stuff rezzed and uber-rotating. The only time I lagged was when someone was logging in (which of course needs to be fixed-- along with all the other OpenSim hand-me-downs). Otherwise, was able to walk around just fine, was able to create a primmed avatar (simple, but worked), and DIDN'T GO BOOM. :D

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