Monday, November 1, 2010

Beware the Prims Meshed!

It's a blog night! And for the day after Halloween I'm throwing out caution notices! I happened to pop in tonight for a quick IM catchup fest, when I got an IM asking me if I had a spare moment to pop by a region to meet someone, Nazz Lane. So I said, sure. As we stood there making introductions (ok so MY version of introductions are handling a few different IM's while trying to type out a Hallo minus typos' might be slightly off from your version, but hey it worked!), Jeri Rahja says to me something about artistide despres. Then flies off to her other region, and I'm left looking a little lost and confused... yes yes, don't point it out, I know I'm typically lost and confused! I get a TP request to Angels Loft, and WOW!

Jeri is a patron of the arts, not the first in InWorldz by far. Stefanik has his great sims dedicated to the artists. Tonight though... I said WOW. Which, yes, I do say that quite often when I'm out meandering, but this was truly a WOW moment. So without further ado... let me lead up to the WOW moment  :)

First, there's this cute little guy:

Who doesn't like a grasshopper this cute?

Then moving on further, you find this cute little bunny guy offering a script garden!

Vague recollections of Alice in Wonderland anyone?

Some more of Soror's beautiful work, I particularly like this scenery setting:

Ahhh peace at last!

Now here is the WOW... it may not look like much, but that is a full female avatar, made completely out of prims to resemble a mesh female avatar. Right down to the textures. This is almost 1k prims making her up, and you really do need to see it to get a feel for how much work was done to it over at Angels Loft:

Don't be  fooled, she won't stomp on ya!
Who knows what will inspire me next week?! Til then, see ya InWorldz! :)

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