Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Imp!

Amidst all the Emerald reborn into Emergence.. reborn into Phoenix (at this point I think I've lost track of what viewer is which now with this team, or who the devs are to be honest) drama, there was one very rocking party going on in SL, for the Imprudence Viewer birthday.

Alot of our users have migrated to the Imprudence Viewer, due to the drama, and after 2 years of work by the team, it seems they're making a very nice splash for themselves. By all accounts, it runs far smoother than alot of other viewers out there, and the team is completely transparent with their users. I'm quite guilty of not using it much myself, other than today for the SL party.  I can't talk about ANY of the features other than I had purple over my head, and I even wore a hat to match it  ;)

So, without further ado, Happy Birthday Imprudence! May the next year be just as successful (minus the drama) for you all!


  1. Yerp, it runs smoothly in IWz for me too...Happy Birthday.

  2. I tried it but found I cant make invisable prims with it, the feature doesnt work & I so need that when making shoes now that i dont use no bad invis scripts :P ... but He uses it all the time now, He loves it! So Happy Birthday Imp!