Monday, September 20, 2010

Crazy Week!

WOW! That's all I can say... Wow! This weekend really blew us away in terms of concurrency! Our highest records yet for users online, and we got to see how the hardware and software would hold up to it. So I'll cover a bit of that and some of where we see things going, and something I'm working on and something I'm going to be working on hopefully this weekend  ;)

And I just realized I used a whole lot of  "somethings" in there! So I guess I have alot to cover!  :)

First, our concurrency definitely showed us some flaws both in the back end code and hardware. We're already addressing these issues with a couple of different solutions in the hardware area and some fixes to come in the software. Surprisingly, the entire system held up though, albeit there were a couple of crashes here and there, but all hands were available this weekend to keep them minimized.

One of the things I worked heavily on this past week was the payment code for region renewals and such. For anyone who's paid any attention to things (and yes I know you're out there!) you'll have noticed we have two different PayPal accounts. All of the code for renewals was ported to the newer (I won't say new as we've had it a few months now, just was severely underused) PayPal account. This was in preparation for the currency exchange that has landed in my lap. Now, while I wanted this done LAST week, we wanted to make sure we did this right the first time around. Along with this code, alot of hooks were built in by me for various other things such as estate name changes, mainland purchasing, region name changing, etc. The currency exchange part is now ready to be written and tested over the next couple of days, so long as I can keep myself off the grid!

Official word on the currency exchange will be given on the InWorldz site of course, with lots of explanations for everyone!

In other news, a few might have noticed our screens changed both in the loginscreen and on the main site. This is mainly due to a couple of blogs that circulated this weekend, of which I will not bother linking to. And since we had to change the screens, I did manage to get the original psd's from our web graphics artist who did the original layout for us. So after currency exchange, I will be going through and getting some new pics (I do have some but I intend to use those for the loginscreen) of people's regions to showcase there. Besides, we need a nice showcase area. We have some GREAT pics on the forums already, so I may pull a few of those too  ;)

So, to everyone, I just want to say, WOW what a crazy ride this weekend was, with 311 people online at once! And seriously, I read alot of the blogs this weekend, and I just have to say it's so great to see so much enthusiasm and love for InWorldz out there. We are pushing so hard to get things that people want fixed and to see how many wonderful fans, groupies, or whatever you want to call yourselves, stand behind us, is phenomenal! Thank you, you have no idea what it means to us!


  1. You guys are doing great! We really appreciate the hard work and commitment to making this grid fantabulous! Plus having the ability to communicate with your user base totally rox! w00t! *hi 4* :)

  2. We would call ourselves family! XD

    We loves the IW!

  3. Yes it was truly amazing! Thanks to you! I dont understand how you can find time to cope with all this??? Im impressed.

    Ok the rezz/start sim crashed now and then but I had no problem on my own sim.

    I dont know if its possible, when the pressure of new registrations peaks, if we could have some information on the start screen about the necessity of having patience if its hard to log in?

    Its the same as if you are waiting in the phone and get a message or something if u know what i mean? *This is your captains speaking. We are now circling around the airport waiting to get permission to land* =)

    Awesome anyhoo! Im proud to be a member of inWorldz!