Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eles Lil World

I decided maybe it's time for a real blog and to actually get into really getting into good convo's outside of the grid.

So, here we are, my little world. Comments always welcome, it's a great point I think to hear from our residents and so on, and to share ideas, not as a Founder, but more as a regular joe person like the rest of our residents.

I like the layout on this to be honest, so grab a chair (the nice big overstuffed one there), and sit back, enjoy, read, participate, and whatever else comes across your mind.

Some of what I'll post in the future is what I see in the grid from a resident perspective, some of the things I've found to help others out, thoughts, rants, and well, who knows what will come out of my heavily disorganized brain.

Welcome, to my lil world  :)


  1. Oh nice!! I`ll set u up on my list of links asap! =)

    //Mera Kranfel, Lost River

  2. Welcome...
    A disorganised brain is a great place to start....~"i didn't get where i am today....~" etc

  3. nice room, thats allways a good start, hello :)

  4. Welcome to the blogoverse, virtual world division :)

    I hope you have the time, considering everything else, because -- considering your posts in the forum -- I'm looking forward to reading to what you have to say here.

  5. I think I'm almost scared there Lalo ;)

  6. Welcome to blogs! *hugs*

    I normally blog more on LJ than anywhere else but I may start doing it here, too.

    Good to see you :D

  7. welcome to the world of blogging Ele

    Natalie Oe