Saturday, June 4, 2011

Musings Around the Grid

Sometimes, I get these wild little urges to wander the grid and see what is going on with it. Mostly it gets inspired by something I read in the blogorum or something gets tweeted and I have to follow up on it. I'm easily intrigued by what our residents do, and so when I get a chance to visit someplace without having to fix it, I'm happy lady.

The other night I got a chance to check out Isle of Alchemy, and see Johnny's Fair and Maze, although I need to pop by again and see what more there is. What's really great about this sim is it's tied to Virtual Helping Hands and helping to donate to Japan. Here's a quick link you can check out: Virtual Helping Hands, and yes, I can assure everyone it is on the up and up. So if you get a chance,  please pop by, or donate, or schedule an event with them so they can help those families in need in Japan. Here's a couple of quick of pics of things I amused myself with (ps, the rides are rideable!):

Then, I got this tweeted across today, and I rarely bring up other blogs or what not to avoid the "favoritism" stigma we hit, but I thought it was really very cool. And my favorite line (if I steal this Tormie, you won't mind will ya?): "The Prim gives every resident the potential of a god to shape his or her world." I think that sums up InWorldz in more ways than one!

Til we meet InWorldz!

Quick note: I had it listed as Virtual Ability but Cryptic was kind enough to correct me, thanks!


  1. Yeah Johnny did a great job on that fair, we went over yesterday to fix up our stall.. Loved the moving train, though I must have missed the big wheel & carousel... Blames Him always dragging me around :P haha

    as for the prim shaping... I have learnt so much about shaping prims in my 2 yrs Inworldz, I amaze myself sometimes lol

  2. Going to the fair and I'm....gonna eat some popcorn and I'm...gonna get some cotton candy and I'm...gonna ride The Spider and I'm....gonna....brb!!!!

    (glad you liked it!!!)

  3. Huge group effort! I can't take the credit, a lot of help from a lot of different places. You guys are are all awesome :-)

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