Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun in Da Sun!

The other night we had some fun on IDI, big party which Allan Jeffries had volunteered himself for. We referred to it as the "Pre-Rapture" party, but I have no idea what we'll call it in October when it's supposed to "really" happen. Maybe we'll call it the "Pre-Rapture Non Event"... hmm I may have to work on that title a bit  *wink*.

So here's some pictures, we had 53 people online at one point... Tiggs thought it would be nice to climb into poor Allan's shirt, Victoria tried to get him on her couch... reasons for which I shall leave to your imaginations!

I hope everyone had a great time, thanks for coming out and what was the coolest was to see the new residents showing up and Jewel taking care of them and no one complained of ANY lag. Phlox Rox, but we knew this already  ;)

On other news, as many of you know, I was out, as was Tranq from Sunday through this afternoon. We had the pleasure of heading down to Orlando, FL to meet up with ReactionGrid Owners Robin and Kyle Gomboy. What absolutely fabulous people! We got to meet up with them at breakfast, then we headed over their place for dinner later on.

Besides being trained by their Sonic of how best to throw his ball for him, repeatedly (which made me homesick for my puppy), we had a great time chatting, talking and getting to know each others goals for the Metaverse. Their passion is no less than our own in what they love doing, and while they are redirecting some of their goals into Jibe, which is very cool what they've accomplished so far, they have the same reasons we do. Control of our own destiny is vastly important to both companies and reaching a hand out in this frontier, can be very important.

I will say I was very happy to be greeted again by my lovely 59 degree temps back here in Chicago, as I was positive I was going to melt from the heat there, but we had alot of fun. We got to wander down to Downtown Disney, and I lost some of my pics because we went over to Ghirardelli's for ice cream with Tranq's wife, and her cousin, and could NOT resist having the guy who delivered our order to take a pic. Tranq sent me them, but they are on the laptop, and tonight, I'm just too darned lazy to upload them :)

A huge thanks to MaiTai, Leggie (poor guy gets left out of all the fun trips...) and everyone else for holding down the fort, as we know some things went kaboom while we were gone. And our residents for being ever patient while we catch up support issues tomorrow. For now, we're all eager for the Phlox rollout that's coming tonight, and remember, some stuff is going to break, we'll be on hand over the next few days to work everyone through it all!


  1. Hello InWorldz Team!
    Wow was fabulous meeting with Elenia and Tranq at the ReactionGrid offices here in Orlando, FL.
    Really enjoyed chattering and can't believe we talked for 8 hours over the course of the day between our breakfast meeting and the dinner at our house.

    I learned much from both Elenia and Tranq and we here at ReactionGrid plan to continue sharing knowledge to make both our grids better places.

    Anytime you are down in the Florida area give us a shout we would love to get together again!

    PS - tell Jeanette when she gets that motorcycle she wants I am ready to lay a custom paint job on it for her! :)

  2. We loved the visit and are still amazed by the work you showed. Looking forward to more collaborations Team Inworldz!

  3. @Robin - I'm sure she'll be thrilled! Getting her away from yours was work, but hey it's a wicked paint job! ;)

  4. I messed up your name, I didn't capitalize the W, I am very sorry for that and will be more careful in the future...

  5. Elf Clan decided to settle on Inworldz, but Reaction Grid folks is good people. We loved their "all PG all the time" policy (which is what attracted us in the first place), their focus on education, as well as their on-the-ball customer service. It wasn't what our group needed, thus our final choice of Inworldz, but RG still rocks.

    We see Inworldz and Reaction Grid as sibling companies, working together for a better customer experience. Go Inworldz! Go Reaction Grid!

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