Monday, January 3, 2011

Ya Know You're Doing Something Right When...

Happy New Year everyone! I didn't blog last week as didn't really think anyone would care! And now that we're in a New Year, of course all the new stuff starts. Fresh year, gotta have fresh rumors after all! And I'm feeling pretty spunky today so I figured I'd address these cause they really are funny!

Over the recent months we've heard all sorts of fun stuff. So let me start knocking them out for your consumption and hopefully humor!

#1. We're closing our doors in February. Now, I heard this a while ago, I found it immensely funny. Really? Predicting our doom as early as February? Tranq's gonna be bummed out, I better tell him that dev we're working on hiring isn't gonna happen...

#2. Our concurrency numbers are fudged:  This is really funny too, and Tranq posted once about it. Why on earth would we NEED to fudge our numbers? To make ourselves look good?!?  I could be way off base here, but I'm fairly certain if we had a number issue, such as they were way off, we'd be hearing about it from our residents. To date, the only thing we've heard complaints about is the fact their friends don't show online when they are or vice versa in the friends list.

#3.  We use what others fix to make our grid look superior:  This is one of the nastier ones, I've heard about, and I won't lie, it bothers me. To those who seem to think we're merely taking OS diffs and running them into our code, you might want to step back, take a look at where we've said our code can not be merged to OS at this point. You might also want to read some of the posts in our forums which outline exactly we've done, without giving out too much information.

#4.  We have strong marketing people:  Yeah ok, we do no marketing, so every one of our residents has to stop talking about InWorldz NOW! That's right, you heard me guys and gals, you're too good at marketing, so stop that! Oh and we'll have to stop paying you I guess too... what does zero from zero equal again?

#5.  We use our currency funds to fund our grid:  Wow, this one really is humorous. We use our currency funds to fund our grid?!?! Is that the LAMEST idea you could come up with? This shows how little these people know about a grid (and to think they actually "run" one) or the actual costs involved. Newsflash: while currency is profitable for us, it's not enough to fund 760 regions on almost 40 servers. Get a clue... please?

#6.  We are a "technical nightmare": Another one of my favorites has been this one. Really... compared to what? Compared to an empty grid that has no useage going on with it, where there's no uploading, no building, no storing of assets, no events going on? If comparing to the other world, then I guess it's 6 in one hand, half a dozen in another as to what users consider a technical nightmare, but as they have not called us that... I'm gonna dump this one in the recycle bin where it belongs.

#7.  We were the original creators of Legend City Online (LCO):  False, false and again false. We had nothing to do with the grid, not when it started, was running, nor when it was shutdown. There is some interesting facts to be found out there however for people to dig up in regards to it. Even more interesting is knowing which of our "competitors" started that rumor.

#8.  InWorldz will be part of a "multi-grid empire":  I hate to burst these people's bubble... wait no I don't... but no, we're not. We're not for sale, and I highly doubt the perpetrator of this bit could pay our price if we were.

Now, while most of this is tongue in cheek, it does prove something: We're doing something right. So to our detractors, those who are upset with us, those who have started these rumors: Thanks! Let me also point out, we know exactly where each and every one of those rumors originated from... which grid operators said what, and when. So with that said, let me offer my bit of New Year's advice to you...

Stop trying to figure out how to put us down, or make us look bad. Don't you have code to write, or a grid to run? Or is it more fun to fight like a pack of dogs over every bit of resident you can? Well, newsflash, it's a free Virtual World (well, for most of the grids out there it is anyways), and people will go where they want. They'll live in whatever grid they want, they'll visit their friends where they want, and they'll spend their money where they want. It's called competition. Deal with it. If you're too busy bemoaning that we won't give up our code, do you think whining is going to endear us to release it? Instead of whining, how about you figure out what we're doing, and fix the stuff (cause contrary to the above, we really do actually CARE about stability before shinies, which I know is anathema to everyone else), and maybe work on how best to get your grid to do what you want it to do and stop worrying about InWorldz.

To our residents... you guys rock. If it weren't for you all, they wouldn't be doing all this. Til we see you InWorldz!  :)


  1. To our founders... you rock!!! Thank you for caring!!! By the way, to the other grids spreading this nonsense... get a life, just not here on InWorldz!!!

  2. Heh heh. It's great to have founders with teeth. But even better to have founders with heart.

  3. Amen to blog, amen to comments. When haters gotta hate, you know you're winnin'.
    Pft, LCO. *dies laughing and wanders off*

  4. Ohhh you forgot one, Ele -

    Our Economy Is Stale. LOL!

    *dies laughing and hugs you*

  5. OMG I did forget that one! Wow so bad of me, there's a few others I know rattling around in my brain but those are the biggies. Maybe I'll start a "Yearly Rumor Bash" instead of the "Yearly Predictions" thing.

  6. LOL interesting read, I had no idea those rumours even existed.
    You've done everything right! :D

  7. Yeah, there's no end of sniping. One thing I have found in my time on virtual worlds: drama queens are a dime a dozen... and it seems VR (and indeed the entire Internet) draws antisocial types like flies to...well, you know.

    Such people are (as Ele correctly points out) too busy taking pot shots at Inworldz to accomplish anything themselves. They accuse Inworldz of buzzarding OpenSim code... when in truth it's THEIR companies that are leeching, failing to do any dev work, that don't hire deves, and want money for nothing more than basic server hosting.

    They say the best revenge is outliving your enemies. These people deserve no response, are factless in their rants. In truth, every snipe they take at Inworldz is indeed validating this system. They must feel threatened, otherwise they wouldn't care. That they do take pot shots at Inworldz is strong indication they themselves are running scared, and unable to equal what Inworldz is doing-- can only sit and gripe and make unfounded accusations.

    Inworldz rocks. Looking forward to a few months from now when it rocks even better. :)

  8. Yearly? Elenia, with the fact that you guys are doing things right, making advances in stability, listening to customers etc and the resulting unbased rumors flying around. You could do this every 3 months and till not repeat yourself!

  9. You are one awesome and formidable lady and I just love the way you have laid out facts then punched HARD!!! Congratulations for saying what had to be said in a way that has made us all doubly proud of you.

  10. I think their stupid insinuations only works as a kind of advertisement for IW. I have no clue where they are posted but if I had read any of them I am sure I would have wanted to know what the fuzz was all about!

    And Elenia I do admire that you meet this all up front with the same kind of honesty and openness you have shown to us that chooses to be InWorldz!
    Thank you!

  11. You also forgot that we are full of copy bot stuff. Which would have made my lazy life alot easier and alot of other creators since that means we didn't have to spend hours and weeks building stuff. Sure wish I had gotten the memo before I started building.

    And this...this is why I *heart* you so much. Eloquent and to the point. Someday....I wanna be you when I grow up.



  12. I couldn't agree more with all of the above. One thing though... if I have to stop promoting IWz then I want a raise.. because that's actually WORK! xD

  13. The green eyed losers are not gonna stop, but it makes no odds..

    We are all voting with our $$$$, the money I used to support SL I now use to support a better team, one who care about content creators, consumers and general peeps with equal measure.

    Your fairness is your gold guarantee of continued success in 2011.... and your hard work will leave them all standing, moaning, on the side-lines.

  14. Omg. well it took me 6 days inWorldz to decide to buy my own sim here.

    I have never spent as much money in the other world as i spend here. Because i get value for my money here, thats why. =)

    Your are awesome, have u heard it before? *hugs the founders*

  15. Oh I just got so many good laughs from this post! I don't read the rant sheets so had no idea folks were out there making up nutty stories about IW. LOL So many wonderful things to be busy creating... not gonna spend time on those folks :) Its your biz, you gotta pay some attention to em I know. Good for you - love how you talk about things :)